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Formula Blue® Hydraulic Brake Parts Catalog Supplement To Be Available First Quarter 2010 From Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake - Catalog To Include Model Year Coverage Up To 2010; Bsfb Remains Committed To Distributors

January 19, 2010 [Bendix]

The user-friendly supplement includes model year coverage up to 2010 for the all-makes product line of replacement hydraulic brake parts for light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles ranging from Class 1 to Class 6 in all applications.

Formula Blue, the premium hydraulic brake parts line from BSFB, offers a complete line of quality hydraulic brake parts for the broadest range of domestic and imported makes in commercial vehicle applications. The supplement provides updated parts information along with a complete illustrated parts guide. A new addition to the 2010 supplement will be illustrated views of the most popular medium-duty disc brake setups, along with the service components associated with those wheel-end packages. The resource provides a quick reference that allows users to easily identify Formula Blue replacement parts on even the latest model year vehicles.

“No other hydraulics program geared towards the commercial vehicle fleet can offer such a comprehensive offering and as up-to-date a catalog as the Formula Blue line available from Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake,” said Jerry Conroy, BSFB product manager – hydraulic brakes. “Formula Blue hydraulic brake parts provide distributors the ability to meet the entire needs of a commercial fleet, whether the vehicle in question is a police cruiser, school bus or a dump truck. The depth and breadth of Formula Blue offerings, as well as the dedicated help line from technicians and local account representatives supporting sales efforts, can help distributors maintain, and ultimately grow their bottom line. Working with one supplier to meet all of their needs also helps cut down on backroom operations such as invoices and stock numbers, while simplifying the process for distributors.”

Formula Blue brake parts product coverage includes new and remanufactured brake calipers, and premium rotors with industry-leading fit and quality, as well as complete lines of pads and shoes, brake hardware, drums, master cylinders, and clutch hydraulics.

A “smart part number” system makes it easier and faster for counter personnel to discern the correct part and the type of vehicle it fits.

“Formula Blue is the perfect solution for all hydraulic commercial vehicle applications,” Conroy said. “Formula Blue has been enhanced to become the focused hydraulic brake parts offering for Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake as we move into the future. We will continue to invest in Formula Blue to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our distributors, offering the same great delivery, technical, and sales support they’ve come to expect from Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake.”