Bendix® ABS/Stability

See what Bendix is doing to put the brakes on rollovers and loss-of-control

There is A Difference In Commercial Vehicle Stability Systems...

Help decrease rollovers and loss-of-control situations with the Bendix® ESP® Full Stability System.

Every hour of every day, somewhere in the U.S., a truck loses control and rolls over… but did you also know that not all rollovers start as a rollover event? Instead, many begin as a loss-of-control incident. Only full-stability systems can help in loss-of-control situations.

Bendix ESP technology is a full stability system, offering both roll and yaw stability to help provide loss of control and rollover mitigation. It’s the first widely available ABS-based truck stability system capable of recognizing and assisting in under-steer and over-steer loss-of-control driving events, as well as in loss of traction situations due to snow, ice, rain, dust, sand, and more.

Bendix® ESP®. More than roll-only stability, FULL Stability...

What fleets and drivers say about the Bendix® ESP® Full-Stability System

"It slowed the truck down quicker than the driver could. In a rollover situation, you don't realize that you're rolling over until you really are."

-T.J., Stockertown, PA

"They should make it a law. It's a good system. It held the truck down and brought it back down to a safe, operational condition."

-R.L., St. Clair Shores, MI

"You just feel the truck take care of itself in a critical situation."

-S.M., Elizabethtown, PA

"It'll save lives, there's no doubt about it."

-V.W., Baltimore, MD