The Bendix® ESP® System

More than roll-only stability, FULL Stability…

Our System Delivers Stability Performance and a Proven ROI

Consider the facts… a $100,000 accident for a fleet operating on a 5% margin means generating an additional $2 million in revenue to cover the cost… a $3 million accident means $60 million in revenue - The more expensive the accident, the more revenue required to cover the cost! As fleets often find – if the system helps to prevent one incident, it often covers the cost for the whole fleet.

The Bendix® ESP® system has advantages that roll-only systems simply can’t touch, including:

  • Information: The ability to sense more situations quickly and completely;
  • Intelligence: Quicker reaction time and intelligent decision-making;
  • Intervention: More braking power applied; and
  • Insight: Event data that can help in driver training

A growing number of commercial vehicle fleets have discovered just how important it is to have effective stability technology installed on their vehicles. Read their stories.

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