AutoVue® Lane Departure Warning System by Bendix CVS

Protect against unwanted lane changes.

Did you know that one in five truck fatalities are linked to unintended lane departures? A truck drifting out of its lane—even for a second—could result in a devastating accident. What if you could mitigate the chance of this catastrophe taking place? The AutoVue® Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system by Bendix CVS helps combat lane drift due to fatigue, distractions and unfavorable weather conditions.

The AutoVue LDW system detects when a vehicle drifts across a lane marking. When this occurs and the turn signal is not activated, the unit automatically emits a distinctive “rumble strip” or other warning, alerting the driver to make a correction. AutoVue works both day and night, and in most weather conditions where visibility is limited.

The AutoVue LDW System can help you:

  • Minimize losses
  • Promote and reinforce safe driving habits
  • Develop targeted driver training
  • Boost success in CSA environment

Our AutoVue system combines advanced hardware and proprietary image recognition software packaged in a camera and ECU. Data generated by AutoVue is gathered and reported in SafetyDirect by Bendix CVS, a web based portal that displays safety information. This gives fleet management the ability to develop targeted training programs to address the real issues occurring on the road.

Avoid costly accidents

2009 Average costs of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Crashes (2009 dollars)*

Average cost per fatal crash=$7.2 million

  • Average cost per injury crash=$331,000
  • Average cost per Property Damage Only Crash=$18,000

*Data from Ted Miller, Eduard Zaloshnja, Rebecca Spicer, Revised Cost of Large Truck and Bus Involved Crashes (2006), adjusted to 2009 dollars and value of a statistical life (VSL)

Safe driving doesn’t happen by accident, it can happen with Bendix.


“The investment we made to install AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System in our fleet has really paid off. There has been a significant reduction in run-off-road and rollover accidents in the trucks that are equipped with AutoVue.”
- Fleet Owner


For a complete look at how AutoVue can help you promote safe driving, click here.


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