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Bendix Core Return Process:


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Core shipment registration instructions

2/2017 Canadian Core Return Process Update

There is a new step to complete the core return process in Canada

Current Core Return Process (DID NOT CHANGE):

  • Customers go to www.bendixcorefreight.com to register each core shipment that is over 500 lbs. or 100 brake shoes (instructions for registration and shipment entry are also available on this website).
  • Receive email notification that the Bill Of Lading (BOL) is ready for download & carrier has been dispatched
  • Attach a copy of the core return form to the inside and outside of the pallet

New Step for Canadian Core Returns

  • Email a copy of the BOL and the Bendix Core Return Form to CanadaCores@Bendix.com or fax 440-284-6557 along with a cover letter addressed to Elaine Vernon with the number of pages. Failure to complete this step will result in the delayed processing of the core return as freight cannot be moved across the border without proper documentation.

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7/2019 Brake Shoe Core Suggestion

Remove any rollers from brake shoe cores so that you are able to inspect the anchor and cam for damage that may be hidden by the roller.

1/2018 Canadian Taxes on Cores

  • Beginning with your January 2018, core debits and credits from Bendix will now include Canadian taxes. Per Canadian tax authorities all core transactions should include Canadian taxes. The taxes and tax registration numbers will be identified on the debits/credits. If you have multiple locations, be advised that the tax calculations will be based on the core parent’s address. If you have any questions please email cores@bendix.com.

Brake Shoe Identification – 4515Q vs. 4707Q and Obsolete 4701

Important – The bump on
the rail is not the correct way to
identify a 4515Q vs. 4707Q shoe.

Core Grading

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Our Air Dryer & Cartridge Upgrade Program

You can upgrade Bendix® AD-9® & AD-IP® air dryers & cartridges for full credit.

For Core questions, email cores@bendix.com or call
(440) 329-9298 /
1-800-AIR-BRAKE ext. 9298
(1-800-247-2725 ext. 9298).