SafetyDirect® de Bendix CVS

Improve your fleet’s safety.

If a severe event takes place involving one of your vehicles, a fleet needs to understand what occurred and just as importantly why it happened. SafetyDirect® by Bendix CVS can help.

Using existing telematics systems on your vehicle, SafetyDirect wirelessly collects and transmits safety data and video off the vehicle and transforms it into actionable information. With data delivered in real time by SafetyDirect, fleets can assess driving trends and develop targeted driver training that addresses the real issues taking place on the road.

With SafetyDirect, you have the data to:

  • Analyze severe events in real time
  • Identify driving trends
  • Take informed action to improve your fleet’s safety
  • Develop targeted driver training

SafetyDirect® offers fleet managers valuable safety features:

  • Comprehensive feedback on fleet and drivers
  • Data and video when a severe safety event occurs
  • Customizable reporting levels and dashboards
  • Powerful SafetyDirect® processor, enabling high resolution color video
  • Continuous video recording (DVR) with battery backup
  • Optional driver facing camera

Accelerate the ROI in your current safety systems.

SafetyDirect is compatible with your existing vehicle safety systems:

  • Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™—A Collision Mitigation Technology
  • Bendix® ESP® Full-Stability System
  • SmarTire® Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) by Bendix CVS
  • Bendix AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System

Benefits far beyond your safety department

The video and other details captured by SafetyDirect are valuable source of information and have benefits beyond your fleet’s safety department:

  • Legal and Risk Management teams—reduce significant long-term financial exposure
  • Safety – assess safety risk of your fleet
  • Training Department—verify existing training modules
  • Driver Managers—share videos to increase awareness and understanding

Safe driving doesn’t happen by accident, it can happen with Bendix.


“Their client was saying that we had hit him. The video…clearly showed that our truck within its lane of travel…Instead of settling…we were able to bill them for…$46,000. Without the video…we possibly would have settled with them to avoid litigation.”

Director of Risk Management, SafetyDirect Customer

When a severe event happens out there... SafetyDirect lets you view it from here.

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y cómo puede ayudar a mejorar la seguridad de su flota.

Like its component systems, Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ fully integrates with SafetyDirect® by Bendix CVS. Learn more. Visit


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