Rollaway truck crashes don't have to happen. Why? Because there's Intellipark® parking brake technology by Bendix®.

By using interlocks installed in critical areas like the seat belt or cab door, Intellipark helps prevent these types of crashes by automatically engaging the parking brakes if the driver inadvertently forgets to set them.

Plus, the easy-to-read LED interface helps the driver understand the status of the parking brakes on both the tractor and trailer at any time.

Additional Features

Trailer Auto-Park Release: Automatically releases the trailer brakes when the vehicle is moving if the driver inadvertently forgets.

Park-at-Speed: Helps the driver maintain control if the parking brakes are applied while the vehicle is in motion.

Improved Interface: Ergonomic, easy-to-apply electronic switches replace the current red and yellow push/pull knobs, leading to increased driver satisfaction.

Actionable Information: When combined with SafetyDirect® by Bendix CVS, Intellipark will alert the fleet if a rollaway almost or did happen.

Integration: Intellipark is also positioned for integration with Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™, which enables the use of the parking brakes to further enhance driver assistance functions.

Safety, Value, & Peace of Mind

Designed for almost any air-braked vehicle - including tractor-trailers, single-unit trucks, motorcoaches and school buses - Intellipark delivers safety, value, and a quick ROI to any fleet.

Make rollaway crashes a thing of the past with Bendix® Intellipark®.

Bendix safety technologies are designed as driver assistance systems - not driver replacement - and are not intended to enable or encourage aggressive driving habits. Responsibility for the safe operation of any commercial vehicle remains with the driver at all times.