Trailer ABS & Stability Solutions

Advanced performance in a simple package.

It’s a fact… rollovers are an issue that impact every North American fleet. They are expensive – not only in terms of lives impacted and monetary outlays – but also in downtime, productivity, customer satisfaction, and fleet reputation. While multiple trailer-based solutions exist, the simplest solution is the best one – the Bendix® TABS-6 Advanced and TABS-6 Advanced Multi-Channel (MC) stability systems for trailers.

Bendix® TABS-6 Advanced

Simple to afford. Simple to install. Simple to maintain.

  • The Bendix TABS-6 Advanced system is the first-ever single-channel trailer stability system. It’s a simple but innovative solution that delivers rollover mitigation in a simple package designed to meet your fleet’s needs – a revolutionary single-channel approach that is tank-mountable.
  • This dynamic system will intervene automatically when detecting conditions that may lead to a trailer rollover – typically before the driver realizes an intervention is needed.
  • The system – a 2S/1M (two wheel speed sensors/one modulator) configuration; the most popular Antilock Braking System (ABS) for today's trailer manufacturers and owners – provides quick and reliable stability performance while simplifying installation and maintenance.

Bendix® TABS-6 Advanced MC

Flexibility and simplicity – a smart combination.

  • The Bendix TABS-6 Advanced MC system provides fleets with the same Trailer Roll Stability Program (TRSP) technology as Bendix TABS-6 Advanced, along with an adaptable solution for different axle configurations that utilizes two or three separately controlled modulators.
  • The Bendix TABS-6 Advanced MC platform allows for distinct control of either side of the trailer, or it can be configured to control independent axles on a given vehicle.
  • This system is available on configurations ranging from 2S/2M (two wheel speed sensors/two modulators) up to 6S/3M (six wheel speed sensors/three modulators.)

Bendix® TABS-6 Trailer Antilock Braking System (ABS)

Superior braking performance. Compact and modular. Easily configured to meet your needs.

  • Bendix® TABS-6 is a small, scalable, lightweight system that eliminates the installation and maintenance hassles found with most other standard trailer ABS units.
  • Our TABS-6 unit delivers outstanding performance with fewer components to install and connections to make, which means greater reliability on your vehicle, including integral 5-pin and sensor connections.
  • Bendix TABS-6 includes the patented Select Smart control technology as well as Auxiliary Design Language (ADL), which enables special functions that would normally require their own Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Bendix® Trailer ABS Diagnostics

Fast and easy troubleshooting in a pocket-size package.

  • The Bendix® Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit (TRDU) is the industry's smallest and most cost-effective full function ABS diagnostic tool.
  • It offers quick, accurate diagnostics for your trailer ABS and provides immediate system status, displaying ABS fault information using colored LED lights. No waiting for blink codes. No thumbing through manuals. Just fast and easy troubleshooting.
  • The Bendix TRDU is designed to be installed on the mobile lamp tester already in your shop at the end of a 7-way coiled electrical connector. That means that every time the trailer lamps are tested, you receive a full trailer ABS diagnostics run as well.
  • The TRDU communicates through the blue wire of the trailer electrical connector, at the nose or rear of the trailer, to the trailer ABS unit. The TRDU may also communicate over the tractor and trailer power wires through the tractor's diagnostic connector.
  • The flexible Bendix TRDU supports the complete range of Bendix trailer ABS components, including Bendix TABS-6, A-18, Gen 5, and MC-30 ECUs.


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