Bendix® eTrac™ System

Slippery spot? Uphill grade? Inclined loading dock? No problem.

Bendix® eTrac Automated Air Bag Transfer System for 6x2 Suspensions

Weigh less. Haul more. Keep moving.

Sometimes, in slippery conditions, 6x2 vehicles can't pull away on an inclined ramp or up a hill because of drive wheel spin. The driver must manually push a pneumatically controlled dash button to transfer air to the driven axle so the vehicle can pull away. But what happens if the driver forgets to disengage the system and begins driving at highway speeds? This mistake – one that happens all too often – can severely damage the driven axle or driveline, meaning vehicle downtime and unexpected maintenance expenses. The eTrac system may help prevent this from happening.

When Traction Control Engages, so does eTrac.

The Bendix eTrac system is automatically activated when traction control is active. It is ideal for over-the-road and long-haul fleet operators. Designed for 6x2 tractors and trucks, the eTrac air pressure transfer system fully automates what currently is a manual operation. When added to Bendix® Smart ATC (Automatic Traction Control), the eTrac system automatically engages and disengages – without driver input – the vehicle’s air bag pressure transfer system during low-traction events. Pressure is transferred from the undriven axle to the driven axle without requiring manual input or driver action.

How does it Work?

Automatic mode – Typical operation
When the ATC Mud/Snow switch is OFF, the Bendix eTrac system is in “automatic” mode. This means when ATC becomes active, the eTrac system automatically engages to help the vehicle pull away from a slippery road surface. When ATC becomes active, the system will automatically perform the air bag transfer until the vehicle exceeds 25 mph or 5 seconds after the ATC event has ended. The automatic disengagement feature helps prevent overburdening the driven axle or driveline because the air bag air pressure transfer was active for too long.

Semi-automatic mode – when the driver knows it’s slippery
When the driver activates the ATC Mud/Snow switch, the Bendix eTrac system goes into “semi-automatic” mode and the air bag air pressure transfer begins immediately. It automatically disengages when the ATC Mud/Snow switch is turned OFF or when the vehicle speed exceeds 10 mph. Air pressure transfer to the driven axle airbags is automatically limited by the system. This pressure limit is determined by the vehicle OEM at installation and cannot be changed by a fleet.

When is the Bendix eTrac System right for your fleet?
The Bendix eTrac system is available for certain 6x2 vehicles with most wheelbases that are equipped with a single leveling valve, park brakes on the driven axle only, J1939-controlled trailer warning lamp, and the Bendix® EC-60 Premium or Advanced Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with specific programming for the eTrac system.

The Bendix® eTrac technology is a valuable addition to the Bendix® ABS-8® family of braking systems, providing an additional return on investment and helping to maintain a lower overall total cost of ownership.


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