Bendix is the industry-standard valve system chosen by leading OE manufacturers throughout North America.

Valves direct the flow and release of air throughout an air brake system...a big job for the network of compact components located on an 80,000-lb. vehicle. But when it comes to product performance and support, Bendix valves have set the standard for everyone else.

Commercial vehicles are becoming more sophisticated and compressed air requirements are increasing daily. That’s why we’re always hard at work developing and testing the next generation of valves and control system components designed to enhance and improve vehicle performance. With highly sophisticated R&D activities and up-to-date expertise from around the globe, we continue to ensure each new design meets and exceeds your needs.

Ensure Genuine Bendix Quality

Genuine Bendix valves – whether new or remanufactured – reflect today’s highest engineering standards - including the latest design changes - and comply with all federal safety regulations. In fact, Genuine Bendix is the industry standard valve system chosen by leading OE manufacturers throughout North America.

Competitively Priced

Genuine Bendix valves give you the best of both worlds, providing a high-quality product at a highly competitive price. Genuine Bendix parts actually save you money when you factor in the high cost of extra maintenance, downtime, and the shorter product life of alternative products. Genuine Bendix parts not only save you money, they save your sanity by giving you peace of mind. As the industry leader, we don’t meet standards – we set them. W s, and we stand behind them. And we have a dedicated service team and an extensive network in place – ready to respond to your needs – whenever and wherever you need us.

Stay on the Road, not Stuck on the Side of it

When you buy Genuine Bendix new and remanufactured parts, you know you’re getting the most dependable braking and control systems made.


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