Bendix Trademarks

Revised: February 6, 2024

The following is a list of trademarks owned by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix), along with an example of the appropriate nouns for each trademark. The list is not exhaustive of all Bendix trademarks and is regularly updated, and therefore subject to change. The inclusion of the "®" symbol indicates that the trademark is registered in the United States.


Bendix Trademarks

Trademark Example Noun Bendix® or Bendix™ Group or Owner
A-18™ trailer ABS system ® BCVS
ACom® diagnostic software ® BCVS
AD-2® air dryer ® BCVS
AD-9® air dryer ® BCVS
AD-9® IPC air dryer ® BCVS
AD-9si® air dryer ® BCVS
ADB225™ disc brake ® BCVS
ADB22-NX™ disc brake ® BCVS
ADB22X® disc brake ® BCVS
ADB22X®-LT disc brake ® BCVS
ADB22X-V™ disc brake ® Knorr-Bremse
AD-HF® air dryer ® BCVS
AD-HFi® air dryer ® BCVS
AD-IP® air dryer ® BCVS
AD-IS® air dryer module ® BCVS
AD-RP™ air dryer ® BCVS
AD-SP® air dryer ® BCVS
AF-3™ air filter ® BCVS
AHPS™ steering systems ® Knorr-Bremse
All Makes™ remanufactured products none BCVS
ASA-5® automatic slack adjuster ® BCVS
AT-3™ traction valve ® BCVS
ATR-1™ traction relay valve ® BCVS
ATR-3™ traction relay valve ® BCVS
ATR-6™ traction relay valve ® BCVS
Auto-Hold™ service brake function BCVS
BA-921® compressor ® BCVS
BA-922® compressor ® BCVS
BA-3600™ compressor ® BCVS
BASIC™ test system ® BCVS
BlindSpotter® radar system BCVS
BP-1™ bobtail proportioning valve ® BCVS
BP-R1® bobtail proportioning relay valve ® BCVS
BR9235™ relay valve ® BCVS
BVA-85™ brake valve actuator ® BCVS
BX-2150™ compressor ® BCVS
BW in a diamond (design) ® air-brake products none BCVS
C-1™ cut-out cock ® BCVS
C-3™ cut-out cock ® BCVS
C-5™ cut-out cock ® BCVS
Coreless® valves ® BCVS
D-2® governor ® BCVS
D-2A™ governor ® BCVS
DATALINK™ monitoring unit ® BCVS
DC-4® double check valve ® BCVS
DC-4000™ check valve ® BCVS
Di-Pro® actuators none BCVS
DIU™ display ® BCVS
DRM™ air dryer ® BCVS
DuraDrain® self-drain valve ® BCVS
DuraFlo 596™ compressor ® BCVS
DV-2™ reservoir drain valve ® BCVS
E-2™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-3™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-5™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-6® brake valve ® BCVS
E-7™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-8P® brake valve ® BCVS
E-10™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-10P™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-10PR™ retarder control brake valve ® BCVS
E-12™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-14™ brake valve ® BCVS
E-15™ brake valve ® BCVS
EBS-90™ electronic controller BCVS
EC-30™ electronic controller ® BCVS
EC-60™ electronic controller ® BCVS
EC-80™ electronic controller ® BCVS
ECUtalk® diagnostics ® Knorr-Bremse
EnduraSure® brake actuator ® BCVS
EPM-90™ electro-pneumatic module ® BCVS
ES™ foundation drum brake ® BCVS
ET-2™ electronic treadle ® BCVS
ET-S2™ electronic treadle ® BCVS
eTPCM-90™ electronic trailer pressure control module ® BCVS
eTrac™ automated air pressure transfer system ® BCVS
EverFlow® continuous flow air dryer module ® BCVS
EverSure® brake actuator ® BCVS
FBM-40™ foot brake module ® BCVS
E-Z-Grip® dash button cover ® BCVS
FCS-9700™ fan clutch solenoid valve ® BCVS
FLC-20™ camera BCVS
FLC-25™ camera BCVS
FLR-20™ radar BCVS
FLR-25™ radar BCVS
FORMULA BLUE® hydraulic products none BCVS
Fusion™ active safety system ® BCVS
GSAT® air treatment system ® Knorr-Bremse
GSBC® brake control system ® Knorr-Bremse
Hasse & Wrede® (and design) dampers none Knorr-Bremse
HR-1™ hydraulic relay valve none BCVS
iHSA® steering systems none Knorr-Bremse
Intellipark® parking brake control system ® BCVS
IRV™ inlet regulating valve ® BCVS
iTap® system ® Knorr-Bremse
iSense™ brake wear sensing ® BCVS
K in a circle (design) ® air brake products none Knorr-Bremse
KNORR-BREMSE® air brake products ® Knorr-Bremse
Knowledge Dock® web site BCVS
LP-2™ low pressure indicator ® BCVS
LP-3™ low pressure indicator ® BCVS
LQ-2™ quick release valve ® BCVS
LQ-5™ quick release valve ® BCVS
M-30™ modulator ® BCVS
M-32™ modulator ® BCVS
M-32QR™ modulator ® BCVS
M-40™ pressure modulator valve ® BCVS
M-40HF™ pressure modulator valve ® BCVS
M-40QR™ pressure modulator valve ® BCVS
M-50QR™ pressure modulator valve ® BCVS
MC-12™ modulator controller assembly ® BCVS
MC-30™ ABS module ® BCVS
MV-3® dash control valve ® BCVS
PG (design) ® air dryer ® BCVS
PermaGuard® coating ® BCVS
PP-1® control valve ® BCVS
PP-2™ control valve ® BCVS
PP-3™ control valve ® BCVS
PP-5™ control valve ® BCVS
PP-7™ control valve ® BCVS
PP-8™ control valve ® BCVS
PP-DC® park control valve ® BCVS
PR-2™ pressure protection valve ® BCVS
PR-3™ pressure protection valve ® BCVS
PR-4™ pressure protection valve ® BCVS
ProTecS (design) ® brake parts none Knorr-Bremse
PS-60™ pressure sensor ® BCVS
PuraGuard® filter ® BCVS
PuraGuard® QC™ filter ® BCVS
QR-1® quick release valve ® BCVS
QR-1C® quick release valve ® BCVS
QR-L™ quick release valve ® BCVS
QRN™ quick release valve ® BCVS
R-6™ relay valve ® BCVS
R-7™ relay valve ® BCVS
R-8™ relay valve ® BCVS
R-8P™ relay valve ® BCVS
R-12® relay valve ® BCVS
R-12DC® relay valve ® BCVS
R-12P™ relay valve ® BCVS
R-14® relay valve ® BCVS
RD-3™ valve ® BCVS
RDU™ remote diagnostic unit ® BCVS
RE-6® relay valve ® BCVS
RE-6NC™ relay valve ® BCVS
rGSBC™ brake control system BCVS
RSP® roll stability system ® Knorr-Bremse
RV-1™ pressure reducing valve ® BCVS
RV-3™ pressure reducing valve ® BCVS
S (design) ® steering systems (Sheppard design) none BCVS
SAS-60™ steering angle sensor ® BCVS
SAS-80™ steering angle sensor ® BCVS
SB-7™ disc brake ® BCVS
SC-3™ check valve ® BCVS
SC-PR™ protection check valve ® BCVS
SelectSmart™ control technology ® BCVS
Sheppard™ steering components none BCVS
SK-7™ disc brake ® Knorr-Bremse
SL-4™ stop light switch ® BCVS
SMART ATC™ system ® BCVS
SmartCruise® adaptive cruise control system BCVS
SmarTire® tire pressure monitoring system BCVS
SmartWave® tire pressure monitoring system BCVS
SMS-9700™ accessory solenoid valve ® BCVS
SN-7™ disc brake ® Knorr-Bremse
Splined Disc® brake ® Knorr-Bremse
SR-1™ trailer spring brake valve ® BCVS
SR-2™ trailer spring brake valve ® BCVS
SR-4™ trailer spring brake valve ® BCVS
SR-5™ trailer spring brake valve ® BCVS
SR-7® trailer spring brake valve ® BCVS
SR-5000™ spring brake valve ® BCVS
SRC-7000™ brake system valve ® BCVS
ST-1™ safety valve ® BCVS
ST-3™ safety valve ® BCVS
ST-4™ safety valve ® BCVS
Stop and Driver Go™ driver assistance system ® BCVS
SureStroke™ brake wear indicator ® BCVS
SV-1™ synchronizing valve ® BCVS
SV-4™ trailer release valve ® BCVS
System-Guard® air dryer ® BCVS
TABS-6™ trailer ABS module ® BCVS
TABS-8™ trailer ABS module ® BCVS
TC-2™ valve ® BCVS
TC-4™ valve ® BCVS
TC-6™ valve ® BCVS
TC-7™ valve ® BCVS
TCS-9000™ trailer control valve ® BCVS
TH-3™ control valve ® BCVS
TLV-9000™ lift valve none Knorr-Bremse
TP-3® tractor protection valve ® BCVS
TP-3DC™ tractor protection valve ® BCVS
TP-4™ tractor protection valve ® BCVS
TP-5™ tractor protection valve ® BCVS
TR-2™ parking brake control valve ® BCVS
TR-3™ parking brake control valve ® BCVS
Trailer-Link® system BCVS
TRSP® trailer roll stability program ® Kmnorr-Bremse
TRUCK PRODUCTS (design mark)™
air-brake products none BCVS
Tu-Flo® compressor ® BCVS
TW-1™ control valve ® BCVS
TW-2™ control valve ® BCVS
TW-3™ control valve ® BCVS
TW-4™ control valve ® BCVS
TW-11™ control valve ® BCVS
TW-12™ control valve ® BCVS
Versajust® automatic slack adjuster ® BCVS
VORAD® radar system BCVS
WearMax™ clutch ® BCVS
Wingman® active cruise with braking ® BCVS
Wingman® Fusion™ active safety system ® BCVS
WS-20™ wheel speed sensor ® BCVS
WS-24™ wheel speed sensor ® BCVS
WSI-30™ wheel speed sensor ® BCVS
WSO-30™ wheel speed sensor ® BCVS
YAS-60™ yaw rate/lateral acceleration sensor ® BCVS
YAS-70X™ yaw rate/lateral acceleration sensor ® BCVS

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