Trailer Valves

Bendix offers a complete line of valves to support the needs of the trailer industry. Our trailer spring brake valves offer pressure protection and anti-compounding features that help keep the spring brakes operating safely and prevent damage to wheel-ends.

SR-5 and SRC-7000 Trailer Spring Brake Valves

SR-5: Allows for fast release of the spring brakes, which gets a vehicle rolling quickly via its integrated reservoir relay function.

SRC-7000: Lightweight, compact, and corrosion-resistant -- its swivel-mount design and oversized internal ports aid with installation and combat contamination like no other valve on the market. The SRC-7000 is featured in on the Bendix® TRSP® (Trailer Roll Stability Program).

SR-2 Trailer Spring Brake Valve

The SR-2 is a service brake priority valve that functions by filling the spring brake chambers and the reservoir at the same time, thus providing sufficient service brake pressure in the reservoir when the spring brakes are released.

R-12P Relay Valve

A zero-hysteresis, zero-crack-pressure relay valve, the R-12P valve's function on trailer and dollies is to speed up, or "boost", the control signal from the tractor to the service relay valve(s) on the trailer. The R-12P is also used as a slave to the Antilock Braking System (ABS) to provide antilock functionality on remote axles (lift and other) that are not sensed or controlled directly by the ABS system.

PR-3 Pressure Protection Valve

The PR-3 is a pressure protection valve that is normally used to supply the air suspension system on the trailer. Since it is offered in different pressure settings, it can also be used for other accessories as needed.

PP-1® Push-Pull Valve

The PP-1 push-pull valve is used on dollies as a maneuvering control device. If the dolly is pneumatically parked (see TR-3) the PP-1, when pushed, will release the service application and allow the dolly to be moved. It will then re-park the system upon pulling the button out.

TLV-9000 Trailer Lift Axle Valve

The TLV-9000 is a lift axle control valve with direct connectivity to Bendix® TABS-6 Advanced single- and multi-channel controllers. Automatic control ensures payload distribution. This valve exhausts and fills both the axle lift and suspension bags to perform the raising and lowering of the axle. It also prevents service brake applications to a lifted axle when used in conjunction with the Bendix® TR-3 lift axle service shut-off valve.

TR-3 Inversion Valve

The TR-3 inversion valve is used on both dollies and trailers.

Dolly usage: In conjunction with the DC-4® double check valve, the TR-3 parks the dolly by applying a service application (reservoir pressure-dependent) when the supply line is evacuated. The service application is released when the supply line is charged again, or when the PP-1 maneuvering valve is pushed in.

Trailer usage: In trailer applications, the TR-3 is used to disrupt the control signal to lift axles, which helps keep the wheels from locking up when the axle is lifted.

SV-4 Synchronizing Valve

Used on converter dollies, the SV-4:

  • Delays the delivery of air to the rearward trailer until there is sufficient air in the lead trailer supply system.
  • Prevents the application of the lead trailer and dolly emergency brakes in the event of the loss of the rearward trailer.
  • Vents air pressure from a false charged system when the lead trailer supply shut-off valve is mistakenly closed.
  • Assists in park timing by locally exhausting supply air from rear trailer.


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