Air Disc Brakes for Tractors and Trailers

Maximum braking power, shorter stopping distances, and improved safety. Longer service intervals and faster maintenance that helps lower costs and downtime. It’s easy to see why air disc brakes continue to grow in popularity.

With more than 4 million on the road in North America – and more than 45 million globally – no one else can offer the same field-proven performance as Bendix. That's why nearly 75% of the North American air disc brake market trusts the Bendix® ADB22X® – the only air disc brake approved at all major truck and trailer OEMs.

Bendix® ADB22X® for Tractors

  • Lightest dual-piston caliper available in North America
  • No external slack adjuster, meaning brakes are always in optimum adjustment
  • Better force distribution
  • Improves in-line braking stability and provides brake system simplification
  • Optimized friction couple (pad and rotor designed for each other)
  • Optimize torque output and braking performance
  • Balanced wear performance between pad and rotor
  • 5-year warranty

Bendix® ADB22X®-LT for Trailers

Built on the same proven platform as our industry-leading ADB22X brake, the ADB22X-LT is a great choice for today’s trailer market. Since the Bendix ADB22X and the ADB22X-LT air disc brakes share common replacement wear items, you’ll streamline maintenance, training, and inventory requirements.

  • Up to 23,000-lb. brake rating
  • Weight savings – 40 lbs. per tandem axle set
  • Extended service life, lower maintenance costs, and decreased downtime
  • New adjuster extends pad life and reduces the risk of brake drag
  • Shares common replacement wear items with Bendix ADB22X on tractor
  • 5-year warranty

Your One-stop Shop for Air Disc Brake Replacement Parts
Count on Bendix for all of your air disc brake replacement part needs – from OE and all makes pads and rotors, to service-new and remanufactured calipers.

Bendix® Air Disc Brake Pad Wear Sensing Technology

Want to take the guesswork out of brake pad replacement and lower your total cost of ownership? Pad wear sensing technology can help reduce maintenance costs because technicians will know when pads are nearing end of life without removing the tires. This allows fleets to proactively schedule maintenance and avoid damage to costly components – like the rotor. The system records a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for worn pad detection to signal when the pads are nearing the need for replacement.


  • Wired to dedicated wear sensing Electronic Control Unit (ECU), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), or OE control module
  • J1939 CAN messages broadcast by ECU is read by telematics unit or diagnostic equipment


  • Integrated with Bendix® TABS Premium and Advanced ABS
  • Power Line Carrier (PLC) message is read by telematics unit or diagnostic equipment
  • Fits most trailer types

Air Disc Brake Replacement Pads

Choose the pad that’s right for your application and budget. Bendix® pad kits include OEM hardware with B-level copper-compliant friction (through 2024) that maintains your 5-year caliper warranty.

BX276: Genuine OEM Replacement Pad

  • Long-life friction
  • More wearable volume

Bendix® BA236: Aftermarket Replacement Pad

  • Lower cost friction suitable for 2nd/3rd owners
  • Meets FMVSS-121 and Bendix minimum requirements for performance/wear

All Makes Pads and Rotors

Running a non-Bendix air disc brake? Choose from our complete pad and rotor offering for Haldex, Meritor, and WABCO air disc brakes. We’ve got you covered with the deepest offering in the industry excluding use with OE Bendix / current KB systems. It’s easy to order with "smart" part numbers, and you’ll enjoy 1-year warranty protection.


  • Pad kit includes complete hardware set
  • FMVSS-121 certified, includes proprietary Bendix friction material
  • Wide FMSI coverage
  • Includes all Meritor and WABCO offerings including MAXX22T/MAXXUS
  • B-level Copper-compliant (thru 2024)


  • Meets and/or exceeds Bendix heat crack testing requirements
  • Best rotor coverage in the industry – 1.5x deeper than Meritor's coverage
  • Easy identification: “Bendix” engraved on the side of rotor
  • Solid application catalog
  • Offerings for DTNA (Axial and Vertical) rotors to replace ConMet

Remanufactured Calipers

Bendix has a reliable and cost-effective option for replacement for your air disc brakes – remanufactured calipers. Stay with Bendix calipers to maintain the best performance of your air disc brakes, get longer service life, and maintain your Bendix air disc brake warranty.

  • Bendix reman calipers are remanufactured – not rebuilt – returning them to OE specifications; no other caliper remanufacturer can do this
  • Upgraded to our proprietary adjuster
  • Produced on same equipment used to manufacture OE air disc brakes
  • Warranty coverage*: 3-year (300,000 miles) parts / 1-year (100,000 miles) labor
  • Unmatched in the industry
  • Competitive reman calipers (typically offer 1-year warranty)

*Linehaul Warranty / See BW7214 for complete warranty details


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