Improve your fleet’s safety.

SafetyDirect® provides fleet operators with comprehensive feedback on their fleet and drivers, along with videos of severe events. SafetyDirect gives fleets key insights into common driving behaviors and trends across their operation. It wirelessly transmits the driver performance information and event-based data – video, vehicle, and sensor information from a vehicle’s J1939 network – to a secure web portal, providing fleets the necessary tools to help enhance their safety program.

SafetyDirect's hardware is available for installation on the production line at all of the major OEs, making it very easy to get started many times. It uses “severe event triggers” to capture data and video which come directly from the Bendix safety systems that generated on-vehicle alerts and active braking to help drivers deal with certain severe events, such as potential rear-end collisions or potential rollovers / jackknives.

SafetyDirect also provides customized reports, API calls, and trend data so fleets can better identify at-risk drivers and upgrade their training material to help reduce driver turnover.

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