Steering Assist System

Designed for Increased Driver Convenience and Safety

A driver assistance technology – not a driver replacement – the Steering Assist System integrates with the Bendix® Wingman® Fusion collision mitigation system to help address unintended lane departures and help mitigate side-swipe crashes, helping to keep your drivers safer and always in control. The Steering Assist System is built on the dependable Sheppard HD94 steering gear, which offers a quick steering ratio for less hand wheel turns, ideal for large wheel-base vehicles.

The system uses existing hydraulic steering power coupled with the magnetic torque overlay technology to actuate the steering gear. This compact, elegant design uses minimal space and weight to efficiently bring steering assist features to the market. The Steering Assist System works in combination with Wingman Fusion system, which may detect lane lines and vehicle position to deliver superior steering assist performance.

Steering Assist System Features

  • Lane Keep Assist: If an unintended lane departure is imminent, this feature can first alert the driver, then add a gentle steering input to help the driver guide the vehicle back toward the original lane of travel.
  • Speed-dependent Steering Assist: Adjusts steering feel based on the vehicle speed and can be adjusted based on the driver preference.
  • Road Disturbance Compensation: This feature senses when the steer tires encounter a rough road, then helps remove the vibrations before they are translated to the steering wheel.
  • Return-to-Center: Supports the driver by returning the steering wheel and steer wheels to center during tight turns and parking, helping to reduce operational fatigue.

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