Slack Adjusters

You'd never think about driving with your brakes on, but right now your slack adjuster may be causing brake drag. Most slacks have a fast adjustment rate that increases the likelihood of brake drag, which accelerates lining and drum wear. And brake drag also increases fuel consumption.

We have the fix – Bendix® Versajust® slack adjusters have a gradual and more concise adjustment rate that minimizes the risk of brake drag to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by 1.5-30%*
  • Extend lining life by up to 16% and drum life by up to 30%
  • Optimize brake performance
  • Lower maintenance costs and downtime due to brake drag
  • Help lower risk of CSA violation for brakes out of adjustment

*Actual consumption depends on slack used and amount of brake drag.

Bendix now offers both link- and grounded-style slack adjusters for complete coverage.

Bendix® Versajust® LS Slack Adjuster
Our link-style slack adjuster covers 90% of common applications such as line haul, tractors and trucks, drive and steer axles, and trailers.

Bendix® Versajust® GS Slack Adjuster
The grounded-style slack adjuster is well suited for refuse, transit, other severe duty vocations, and high axle load applications.

  • Varied arm angles (5", 5.5", and 6.5")
  • Patented body design for increased durability in higher torque capacities
  • Increased load rating (23,000 in-lbs.)

In fleet tests versus competitive slacks, the Versajust LS was shown to extend lining life by up to 16%, and drum life by up to 30%.


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